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On 11/9/99, Vince Taylor wrote:

Dear Patty and neighbors,

There is certainly great controversy over herbicide use. To me this is *the* reason why its use should be brought up as a subject for discussion in the Caspar Community. If Caspar Community is to be an effective political entity, it cannot flee away from every controversy. Almost *everything* is controversial in Caspar!

I do agree that the job of the Caspar Community is to facilitate the flow of information on issues. I intend that this will be the case at the Sunday meeting. I also believe that the Community should provide a forum for people to express their concerns and to raise questions and ask for answers.

Most importantly, though, I view the Caspar Community forum as a place to build support for a workable, effective policy to turn the tide against gorse in Jughandle. I would love it if this policy excluded any use of herbicides. Based on what I've seen so far, I'm pessimistic about this -- but I'm open to ideas. What I am not open to is more delay on action in Jughandle. I think you will agree if you make a personal survey that immediate, large-scale action is essential if disaster is to be avoided. This sounds alarmist, but an alarm is needed. What has happened so far is not my imagination, and the consequences of inaction for another year are too dismal to contemplate.



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