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George Grogan, Deputy State Forester June 25, 1976


J.E. Sindel, State Forest Manager

Jackson State Forest
Allowable Cut 

After reviewing 1974 CFI information and comparing growth figures with those of 1969, we find a decrease in average annual growth. This, we believe, is due to increased cutting in our second growth stands.

With this in mind we believe our current annual cut should be hold to about 26 million for the next few years. Our reasons are as follows:

  1. Continued cutting of 28 to 30 million feet would decrease our stock to an even lower level resulting in continued decrease in average annual growth.
  2. The 1979 remeasurement is only three years away. Hopefully the information from this measurement will be available by early 1980 and the annual cut can be adjusted accordingly. This adjustment well be upward as many of the young stands which are below the eleven inch diameter class should reach this size and begin to show an the inventory.
  3. Being proprietors of public land, we feel a responsibility to maintain a reasonably even flow of timber into the local economy. It seems better to maintain that flow with the possibility of increase in the future than to maintain a higher level now and probably have to decrease substantially in the future.
  4. Annual cut figures usually deal only with the major sales. Many minor salvage sales account for almost one million board feet annually. These are composed of timber resulting from blowdown, slides or road repair.

We hope you concur with our proposal.

J.E. Sindel
State Forest Manager


Forest B. Tilley
Assistant Forest Manager 



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