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At 11:53 AM 11/8/99 -0700, Patty Madigan (member of the Caspar Community Board of Directors) wrote in response to my request that gorse control in Jughandle be the topic of the Caspar Community general meeting on Sunday, November 14:

>Dear Neighbors,
>Some of us do not feel that herbicides have any place in Caspar. Others
>have their own opinion--and, different circumstances. Thus, it would be
>ill-advised, I think, to seem as though the Caspar Community was supporting
>a policy of State Parks regarding the use of herbicide application for
>gorse control.
>A healthy and appropriate approach, is to act as a conduit for information.
>In this regard it is important to provide a forum from which neighbors can
>hear different and opposing viewpoints. A dialogue--not to dictate.
>If as a group we are not willing to merely be the conduit--then I say
>"don't go there." In addition, if I have misinterpreted the motivation or
>intent of previous messages, then I am truly sorry.
>P.S. I am also aware that the MCJC may not support a potential policy on
>gorse--and, may object to our using the Shul for that end.
>Patty Madigan
>PO Box 1697 707-964-0395
>Mendocino,CA 95460