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[Moderator note: Caroline Schooley lives on Caspar Point Road, which goes past the southern boundry of Caspar State Reserve.]

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 10:51:15 -0800 (PST)
To: vtaylor
From: Caroline Schooley <>
Subject: Gorse, of course
Cc: mpotts

Vince -

Here's my fantasy gorse crisis management scenario: Someone (Picard?) said
at the Parks meeting that there was a special gorse mower up at Bandon and
that it might be possible to borrow it. So Parks borrows it and mows all
accessible patches. I said all; private patch owners should get the
service, with a cost subsidy provided by state or county weed control funds.

Following the mowing, plowing. Not with a rototiller; deep plowing to
loosen tap roots. Followed with a cultivator which will extract those

Justification? That's what worked for us. Talk to Stuart.

Timescale? As early next spring as the ground will allow, to facilitate
plowing. All mowed patches, even in the park. The big ones are NOT on
native vegetation areas.

THEN we will have a remaining population that can be attacked with hand
methods. If those methods include herbicide spraying, it's essential that
plant death be followed by cutting and removal to eliminate the fire
hazard. But doing the first stage mechanically, on an emergency basis,
will get the crisis control done before we get into the long discussion
that's bound to precede herbicide use.


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