Gorse Mowed in Jughandle

In October 2000, Parks Department finally took its first significant action to combat the takeover of Jughandle by gorse. 

A contractor was hired to bushhog all stands of gorse in Jughandle.  The contractor worked throughout much of October and completed the job in early November.  All major stands of gorse have now been mowed to the ground. 

The mowing moves the control program to a new stage, but mowing in itself will not reduce the areas dominated by gorse. .  The mowing was a way of stopping its spread, but it was done without any plan for follow-on measures. 

Elizabeth Hurlburt is the Parks person charged with developing the long-term control program.  If you have concerns or input, you can contact her at 937-5804.  Press 0 for the operator and ask for her.

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