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Putting OVA Dues Increases in Perspective

The Reality: Between 2002 and 2023, monthly dues per member increased by $88, or an average of $4 per year.

Bruce Bon has done a detailed numeric analysis of the increase in OVA dues since 2002. His focus on the percentage increases, rather than the dollar amounts of increases, obscures the financial reality:

Dues inflation from 2003 through 2024 (21 years)

Over this time period, gross dues cost increased 358.7%, which means that our dues cost us over four and a half times in 2024 what they cost us in 2003 Another way of looking at this is that OVA dues increased four and a half times as fast as inflation between 2003 and 2024. [Emphasis added.]

At first glance, this is shocking. It suggests that the OVA Boards have been fiscally irresponsible and profligate with member funds. Certainly Mr. Bon concludes that this is the case:

For too long, OVA Boards have treated dues levels as easily and painlessly increased, as though the OVA membership have deep pockets enough to provide whatever funds the Board feels that they need. This attitude needs to stop!

In my twelve years of living here and watching OVA Boards actions and decisions, I have been struck by the opposite of Mr. Bon's conclusion. Every Board has faced intense opposition to any increase in dues, and in consequence, they have struggled mightily to justify any decisions that led to increased dues.

Even if Mr. Bon were correct, his focus on percentage increases deflects from the reality that dollar increases in OVA dues have been very, very small.  Between 2002 and 2023, monthly dues per member increased by $88, or an average of $4 per year.  Mr. Bon and others have been crying, "The sky is falling. The sky is falling." The reality is that hardly a single acorn has fallen.

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Vince Taylor, February 21, 2024


Last modified: February 22, 2024