Caspar Community



The Caspar Community is working to preserve the quality of life in the small, rural coastal town of Caspar.  Caspar was founded as a redwood logging town in the 1800's.  The mill closed in 1950, and most of the company housing, which at one time housed 4000 people, has been destroyed.  What remains is a small central village located next to the beautiful headlands and riparian areas of Caspar Creek, open meadows, a duck pond, a few businesses,  a scattering of older homes and several nearby rural subdivision created in the 1960's and 1970's.

Much of the open land in Caspar, as well as several homes, the old company store, and the former schoolhouse, are owned by the Caspar Cattle Company, the successor to the Caspar Lumber Company.  All of this land was put up for sale in 1997.  Concerned Casparados gathered together to deal with this imminent threat to Caspar's way of life, forming an informal group called the Caspar Community, which has evolved into a non-profit corporation. Rather than attempting to fight the sale or prospective buyers, the group decided on a proactive effort to gain control over the land. 

To find out more about the efforts of the Caspar Community, go to Caspar's incredible web site.



Last modified: March 12, 2012