See: November, 2000 update on gorse control in Jughandle Preserve:  Gorse mowed down.

See: Gorse Control Tactics and Strategy for Jughandle Preserve -- a preliminary analysis by Vince Taylor

Gorse Threat to Jughandle State Reserve

north, over 10' tall B-7.jpg (61926 bytes)Large sections of Jughandle State Reserve are in danger of being lost to gorse, Caspar’s notorious scourge. Gorse, an invasive, prickly plant imported from Scotland by early settlers, has infested large areas of Caspar. To date, all efforts to remove it from established areas have failed.

The Department of Parks and Recreation is responsible for control of Gorse in Jughandle Reserve.

Please review the additional information and documents posted here.

Visit  Caspar Commons for current information on gorse control efforts.

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