Historical Documents

A Proposed System of State Forests for California to Help Solve Cutover Lands and Future Unemployment Problems, Emanuel Fritz, 1942

Suggested Purchase Areas, Emanuel Fritz, 1942

California State Senate Journal, Jan. 24 1945. Preliminary Summary of Report of the California Forestry Study Committee

The Forest Situation in California. Report to the Legislature by California Forestry Study Committee, 1947.

Resolution of State Forest Purchase Committee, 1947, and letter accepting Caspar Lumber Company Sale Offer

Letter written by Caspar Lumber Company Employee Kelly B. McGuire detailing logging methods(excerpt from The Golden Years of Caspar by Ann M. Connor, 1967)

At Buck's- The last day of operations for the Caspar Lumber Company (Excerpt from Caspar Calling by Ann M. Connor, 1967)

State Forest Manager J.E. Sindel's 1976 letter requesting reduction in annual cut

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