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bulletEnvironmental Organizations
bulletForest Products Industry
bulletNature Reserves, Wilderness Areas, and Wildlife Refuges
bulletOpinions and Articles
bulletPresident's Northwest Forest Plan
bulletRedwood Information
bulletTimber Distributions, Harvests, and Inventories


bulletControl of Timber and Other Resources (U.C. Berkeley Environmental Economics Course)
bulletHumboldt State University Department of Forestry and Watershed Management
bulletLandscape Ecology and Biogeography from CSU
bulletU.C. Berkeley Center for the Assessment and Monitoring of Environmental Resources
bulletU.C. Berkeley College of Natural Resources
bulletU.C. Berkeley Digital Library Project (part of CERES)


Historical City/County Population Estimates, 1991-1998, with 1990 Census Counts

bulletBioregional Demographic Trends and Implications for Biodiversity (Report to the California Biodiversity Council by Forest and Resource Assessment Program, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection)
bulletCalifornia Counties Ranked by the 1997-98 Numeric Change in Population
bulletCalifornia Counties Ranked by the 1997-98 Percent Change in Population
bulletCalifornia Department of Finance Interim County Population Projections
bulletCensus of California Counties: 1900-1990
bulletMendocino County Demographics Information Page
bulletMendocino County General Profile
bulletUrbanizing Pressures on Forests in Coastal Counties and the Central Sierra Nevada (Prepared by Forest and Resource Assessment Program, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection)


bulletAmerica's Endangered Ecosystems
bulletBiological Values of Ancient Forests (S.F. Examiner)
bulletCatalog of Bioregional Primary Sources
bulletEcology WWW page: List of WWW Sites of Interest to Ecologists
bulletFoggy Thoughts
bulletForest Biology Links
bulletSpecial Ecological Areas
bulletVegetation Management


bulletCalifornia Department of Finance County Profiles
bulletCalifornia Resources Agency: Governor's 1998-99 Budget
bulletCalifornia State Government Finances, 1996
bulletEconomic Well-being and Environmental Protection in the Pacific Northwest: A Consensus Report by Pacific Northwest Economists
bulletForest Resources Improvement Fund (FRIF) Legislation
bulletJobs vs. Owls? A Sierra Club Report
bulletLabor Force and Commuting Data for Mendocino County, California
bulletLabor Force Data For Sub-County Areas, Mendocino
bulletMendocino County Civilian Labor Force, Employment, and Unemployment
bulletMendocino County Economic Development Guide
bulletMendocino County Employment By Industry, 1993-2000
bulletMendocino County Financial and Statistical Data, part 1
bulletMendocino County Financial and Statistical Data, part 2
bulletMendocino County Labor Force and Industry Employment
bulletMendocino County Labor Market Information
bulletPredicting Employment Impacts of Changing Forest Management in California
bulletThe Economic Aspects of Ecoforestry
bulletThe Inflation Calculator

Environmental Organizations

bulletAmerican Wildlands
bulletAncient Redwood Campaign-Rainforest Action Network
bulletBay Area Action
bulletDefending Headwaters Forest
bulletEarth First! Headwaters Forest Direct Action Campaign
bulletEnvironmental Internet Resources presented by Redwood Chapter of Sierra Club
bulletEnvironmental Organization Web Directory
bulletEnvironmental Organizations presented by Nerd World
bulletEPIC (Environmental Protection Information Center)
bulletForest Watch
bulletForests Forever
bulletGreenwood Watershed Association
bulletGreenpeace International
bulletGreenpeace-The Fight for the Forests
bulletHeadwaters Redwood Forest Action Page
bulletHeadwaters Web Collective
bulletInstitute for Global Communications
bulletMendocino County Ecology Web
bulletMendocino County Environmental Groups
bulletMendocino Environmental Center
bulletNative Forest Council
bulletNatural Resources Defense Council
bulletNorth Coast Chapter California Native Plant Society
bulletNorthwest Timber Workers Resource Council
bulletRainforest Action Network
bulletRedwood Region Audubon Society
bulletSave-the-Redwoods League
bulletSempervirens Fund
bulletSierra Club
bulletSierra Club California EcoWatch
bulletTemperate Forest Foundation
bulletThe Great Wasteland of California
bulletWilderness Society


bulletAmerican Fisheries Society
bulletFor The Sake Of The Salmon
bulletInstitute for Fisheries Resources
bulletMarine Resources and World Policy (San Jose State University)
bulletPacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations (PCFFA)
bulletPacific Salmon Commission
bulletRestoring Coho Salmon in California (An LAO Report)
bulletSalmon & Steelhead Project, Mendocino Unified School District
bulletSalmon Life History
bulletSave Our Wild Salmon

Forest Products Industry

bulletAmerican Forest and Paper Association
bulletAmerican International Forest Products
bulletAPA-The Engineered Wood Association
bulletAssociated California Loggers
bulletCalifornia Forest Products Commission
bulletCalifornia Forestry Association
bulletCalifornia Licensed Foresters Association
bulletCalifornia Redwood Association
bulletForest Industry Network
bulletForest Nursery Directory-California
bulletGeorgia-Pacific Corporation
bulletHarwood Products
bulletIRIS Forest Products Industry Directory
bulletLouisiana-Pacific Corporation
bulletLouisiana-Pacific: An Executive Summary of the Company's Environmental Policies and Practices
bulletLumber Quest
bulletPacific Lumber Company
bulletPulp and Paperworkers Resource Council
bulletSilva Tree Environment- Washington/Oregon Log Market Reports
bulletSociety of American Foresters
bulletSpecialty Milled Old Growth Redwood Lumber
bulletSteve Shook's Directory of Forest Products, Wood Science, and Marketing
bulletThe Redwood Family (Southeastern U.S.)
bulletThe Timber Company (Manager of Georgia-Pacific's Timberlands)
bulletVESTRA Resources, Inc.
bulletWestern Wood Products Association


bulletBeyond the Beauty Strip (Logging Practices)
bulletBiodiversity Is The "Bottom Line" For Sustainable Forestry
bulletClearcutting Canada: Global Perspectives
bulletClearcutting References
bulletDr. Stout's Forestry Links
bulletEcoforestry: The Responsible Solution
bulletForest Engineering
bulletForest Facts
bulletForestry: Past, Present, and Future
bulletForestry Practices Affect The Ocean
bulletForestry Research Community
bulletInformation about Old-Growth in the Pacific Northwest
bulletInfoseek Forestry Information
bulletInternational Journal of Ecoforestry
bulletISF/Smart Woodcm Certification
bulletPrinciples and Guidelines For Ecologically Responsible Forest Use
bulletRedwood National and State Parks Exotic Plant Control Strategy
bulletRedwood National and State Parks Fire Management
bulletSustainable Forestry
bulletSustainable Forests Directory
bulletThe Global Context for Ending Clearcutting in North America's Temperate Rainforests
bulletThe Ten Elements of Sustainability
bulletThe World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Forestry Databases
bulletUtilisation of natural development patterns in forest regeneration for increased profitability and ecological sustainability
bulletWorld Forest Institute


bulletAustralian National Forest Conservation Reserves Commonwealth Proposed Criteria
bulletCA Home Page: California State Government Agency Index
bulletCalifornia Association of Resource Conservation Districts/FONT
bulletCalifornia Department of Fish and Game
bulletCalifornia Electronic Government Information
bulletCalifornia Employment Development Department
bulletCalifornia Public Resources Code
bulletCalifornia Resources Agency
bulletCalifornia State and Local Government--Library of Congress Internet Resource Page
bulletCalifornia State Board of Forestry
bulletCalifornia State Board of Equalization (Timber Taxes and Harvest Value Schedules)
bulletCalifornia State Water Resources Control Board
bulletCDF Home Page
bulletCEGI: WWW Research Tools
bulletCERES: California Environmental Resources Evaluation System
bulletCommittee on Resources-105th Congress (1997-1998)-Printed Hearings
bulletFederal and State Agencies Concerned with the Protection and Management of CA's Wetlands, River Systems, and Watersheds
bulletFire and Resource Assessment Program (FRAP) of the California Department of Forestry
bulletGovBot: Search Engine of Government Web Sites
bulletHouse of Representatives: Forest Ecosystem Health in the United States
bulletMendocino County Home Page
bulletNational Marine Fisheries Service
bulletNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
bulletOfficial California Legislative Information
bulletPolitical Science Web Sites
bulletPRIME online-USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station
bulletSeventh American Forest Congress
bulletTeale GIS Soultions (California State Government)
bulletUnited Nations FAO Strategic Plan For Forestry
bulletUnited States Environmental Protection Agency
bulletU.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
bulletU.S. Senate Directive For Forests Decline
bulletUSDA Forest Service
bulletUSDA Forest Service NEPA, NFMA and Appeals Homepage
bulletUSDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station
bulletUSDA Forest Service Pacific Soutwest Research Station
bulletUSDA Forest Service-Redwood Sciences Lab
bulletUSDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service


bulletThe Fate of the Forests
bulletRedwood History
bulletTimber Workers Union, Local #1: Historical Archives


bulletAssemblywoman Virginia Strom-Martin, 1st Assembly District
bulletBill Analysis, AB 187- Timber Harvest Plans: County Level Review
bulletCalifornia Environmental Quality Act Information
bulletCalifornia State Forest Purposes and Policies
bulletLegislative Analyst's Office(nonpartisan office which provides fiscal and policy analysis to the California Legislature)
bulletLegislative Analyst's Office Analysis of the 1997-98 Budget Bill: Resources Overview
bulletMendocino Woodlands Outdoor Center Act
bulletNational Environmental Policy Act of 1969
bulletNational Forest Management Act of 1976
bulletRepresentative Frank Rigg's Homepage
bulletSenator Barbara Boxer's Homepage
bulletSenator Dianne Feinstein's Homepage
bulletState Senator Mike Thompson, Senate District 2
bulletZ'Berg-Nejedly Forest Practice Act of 1973 (General Provisions)


bulletRecommendations to The California State Board of Forestry on The Management of Wildlife Habitats Under The Forest Practice Act
bulletRedwood National & State Parks General Management Plan/General Plan Newsletter No.1
bulletRedwood National & State Parks General Management Plan/General Plan Newsletter No.2
bulletSoquel Demonstration State Forest Enabling Legislation
bulletThe Save-the-Redwoods League Redwoods Master Plan

Nature Reserves, Wilderness Areas, and Wildlife Refuges

bulletCalifornia National Wildlife Refuges/Marine Sanctuaries
bulletCalifornia Wilderness Areas
bulletUniversity of California Nature Reserve System


bulletNew York Times
bulletPress Democrat (Sonoma County)
bulletSan Francisco Chronicle and Examiner
bulletSan Jose Mercury News
bulletWall Street Journal

Opinions and Articles

bulletA Dozen Good Reasons to Support an End to Logging on Public Lands
bulletClueless Bill's Extinction Plan
bulletConclusions and Recommendations for Strengthening the Review and Evaluation of Timber Harvest Plans
bulletConservation Biology, Salmon Recovery & The Real World
bulletDeep Split (from Last Stand: Fighting for the Tall Trees, S.F. Examiner)
bulletEnding Logging of Public Forests: The Facts
bulletForest Health: Fire vs. Logging
bulletForests: Do We Have The Right?
bulletHabitat Conservation Plans: Not All They're Cracked Up To Be
bulletLouisiana-Pacific Stock Talk
bulletMendocino Environmental Center Newsletters
bulletMoney Matters (from Last Stand: Fighting for the Tall Trees, S.F. Examiner)
bulletMoral Responsibility (Endangered Species Act)
bulletOld Growth Restoration: Literature Review
bulletOne Battle (from Last Stand: Fighting for the Tall Trees, S.F. Examiner)
bulletSave Forests From "Salvage Logging"
bulletT. Marshall Hahn, CEO of Georgia-Pacific, Speaks!!
bulletThe Federal Chain_Saw Massacre
bulletThe Forest As A Living Trust
bulletThe Forest Health Hoax (Sierra Club testimony to Congress on the "forest health" issue)
bulletThe North Fork Study (Coastal Forestlands, Inc.)
bulletThe Tongass: One Family's Story
bulletTimber Harvest Plans: A Flawed Effort to Balance Economic and Environmental NeedsLittle Hoover Commission Report
bulletWhat Old-Growth Is and Is Not
bulletWhy No Cut?: A Consideration of the complicated environmental and political issues regarding the California Redwoods

President's Northwest Forest Plan

bulletBLM Northwest Forest Plan Accomplishments for FY 1997
bulletBuilding a GIS for the President's Forest Ecosystem Management Assessment Team
bulletForest Management Plan (from the White House)
bulletNorthwest Forest Plan-Related Documents
bulletOld Growth Forest Vegetation
bulletOld Growth/Large Tree Forest in Reserves and Timber Management Areas (Graph)
bulletOption 9 U.S. Forest Legislation
bulletOverview: An Evaluation of Option 9 of the Federal Forest Plan as it Relates to Northwestern California
bulletPresident's Forest Plan (Pacific Northwest) (includes map)
bulletPresident's Forest Plan: The Gridlock Continues
bulletPresident's Northwest Forest Plan: Timber Salvage Information
bulletProtection: Logging Alternatives
bulletSecretary Glickman Announces Progress on President's Forest Plan
bulletThe Clinton Administration's Forest Plan for the Pacific Northwest
bulletThe President's Forest Plan: Breaking Gridlock and Moving Forward


bulletCalifornia's Redwood State Parks
bulletCalifornia State Parks Survey
bulletFounders Grove at Humboldt Redwoods State Park
bulletHumboldt Redwoods State Park- Day Hikes
bulletMendocino County Bed & Breakfast Inns Directory
bulletMendocino County Campgrounds & R.V. Park Directory
bulletMendocino Woodlands- San Francisco Chronicle Article
bulletRedwood Exposure- Scientist-led Nature Trips
bulletRedwood National and State Parks Electronic Visitor Center
bulletState Parks of Mendocino

Redwood Information

bulletA Coast Redwood Primer
bulletBackgrounder: Statistics on California's Redwoods
bulletCalifornia Coastal Steppe, Mixed Forest, and Redwood Forest Province
bulletCalifornia's "Redwood" Trees
bulletCoast Redwoods
bulletFascinating Facts About the Redwoods
bulletFire Effects Information System: Redwood
bulletLife in the Redwoods
bulletPlants of the Redwoods
bulletRedwoods Burls
bulletRedwood Experimental Forest At Yurok
bulletRedwood Forest Ecosystem
bulletRedwood Questions & Answers
bulletThe Truly Amazing Redwood Tree
bulletThe Redwood Myths
bulletWeather Patterns and Coastal Redwoods


bulletCarbon Storage, Young vs. Old Forests: Effects on Carbon Storage of Conversion of Old-Growth Forests to Young Forests
bulletFact Sheet: Clearcuts, Landslides, and the 1996 Storms
bulletForest Ecology, Logging, and Wildlife
bulletForest Science Project
bulletGarlon: Contaminant Specific Fact Sheets for Consumers
bulletGarlon: Contaminant Specific Technical Factsheets
bulletGarlon Information
bulletInformation Center for the Environment
bulletNatural Resources Research Information Pages
bulletPressure-Treated Wood
bulletRarity and Endemism in the Calfornia Flora
bulletScience Journals
bulletSilviculture of California Conifer Types-Publications
bulletUSDA Current Research Information System (search keyword: redwood)
bulletUSGS Land Use and Land Cover Data

Timber Harvests, Distributions, and Inventories

bulletA Classification, Map, and Volume Estimate for the Coast Redwood Forest in California (Lawrence Fox III, 1988)
bulletArea of Old-Growth Forests in California, Oregon, and Washington
bulletCalifornia Forest Resource Assessment
bulletCalifornia Timber Harvest By County
bulletForest Land Distribution Data for the United States
bulletLicensed Timber Operator Requirements
bulletThe Land Base of California's Forests
bulletTimber Industry Growth and Harvest Study: An Evaluation of California's Industrial Forest Landwoners' Timber Inventories
bulletTimber Resource Statistics for the North Coast Resource Area of California


bulletCalifornia Watershed Projects Inventory
bulletCaspar Creek Phase II: Discovering How Watersheds Respond to Logging
bulletCaspar Creek Watershed Study
bulletHydrologic Consequences of Logging Second-growth Redwood Watersheds
bulletLittle River Adaptive Management Area-Watershed Analysis Recommendations
bulletPacific Rivers Council: Watershed Restoration
bulletSediment Research at the Redwood Field Station
bulletSo what, exactly, is a CWE?
bulletWatershed Analysis...Whatever That Is
bulletThe Watershed Management Council


bulletCaliforia Wildlife Habitat Relationships Program
bulletCorridors and Reserve Design
bulletEffects of More Forest Roads
bulletEffects of Roads on Biological Diversity
bulletLarge Habitat Block, Wildlife & Logging
bulletListed Species in Mendocino County
bulletProtecting Biodiversity: An overview of problems facing the biodiveristy of our planet
bulletThe 1997 Species Report Card Summary


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