Restoring Jackson State Redwood Forest

The State of California has an opportunity to turn a 50,000-acre redwood forest into an ecological, recreational and educational treasure at no cost to taxpayers. What an incredible bargain for present and future inhabitants of California, the United States and the world!

California and the United States governments are paying over $500 million dollars for the 2,000-acre Headwaters redwood grove. Of course, the Headlands is a virgin, unlogged stand of redwoods.

We already own the 50,000 acre Jackson State Forest in Mendocino County. Unfortunately, it now being used by the California Department of Logging   as a demonstration of commercial logging practices.   Every year, the forest is being further degraded by our own government!

But we the people of California can decide to stop logging in  Jackson State Forest and make ecology, inspiration, recreation, and education the governing purposes of Jackson State Redwood Forest.

When we do this, we will create a public redwood forest of unparalleled size whose beauty and value will continually increase. Our children and grandchildren will thank us for our foresight.

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For current developments, go to the website of the Campaign to Restore Jackson State Forest